Tonsil stones questions and answers

Q: As a child I had repeated tonsillitis and as an adult I get it intermittently and as recently as last December although I’m now 43! It occurred after 2 severe bouts of sinus infections which lead to tracheitis, chest infection and the tonsillitis. As a result of repeated tonsillitis my tonsils are permanently enlarged but about 3 years ago these tonsil stones started appearing. At 1st I thought they were tonsillitis about to flare but there was no pain or redness just the feeling of something stuck on the back of my throat like a large breadcrumb and the white spots were visible.

Anyway I manually removedĀ the tonsil stonesĀ once I found out what they were as I couldn’t bear the thoughts of accidentally swallowing them (I’m sure I’ve probably swallowed heaps but it’s the thoughts of it). I can’t say I’d recommend my methods as it’s probably not the safest but works for me. The cotton buds etc didn’t work but what did was a very narrow fabric coated flexible hairband and one day in an emergency the arm of a pair of sunglasses. I push at the most accessible side of the stone (where I’m least likely to gag and where I can scoop the stone when it pops) and usually it pops out quickly with no pain and no after effects (again I stress this works for me but wouldn’t recommend). They only appear in one tonsil and that tonsil is now significantly smaller than the other where it would have been the larger of the 2.

I suffer from chronic sinusitis and have constant post nasal drip. I’ve tried excluding dairy and wheat and where it does seem to lessen it doesn’t disappear. During the Summer the pollens cause sinus issues but doesn’t seem to be grass pollen. Several colleagues have the same problem and we all react on similar days whether we are in work or not. Mold is a very definite trigger for me and this time of year is particularly bad with all the leaves falling and rotting. I don’t keep plants in my house as I discovered if any mold grew in the soil I would be reduced to coughing fits.

In regard to the tonsil stones and their formation this is most likely from the above allergies etc. Stress seems to be what pushes them to the surface for me. I had multiple stones appear over several weeks around the time my father died and thereafter very few. Recently they have been appearing again and lo and behold another extremely stressful time in my life with my mother in hospital for the last 3 weeks after major surgery and the death of her sister amongst several other things all at the same time. I had a couple of stones about 2 weeks ago and another this morning and that has confirmed the role stress has to play in them to me.

I am definitely going to try the supplements and I currently already practice yoga and exercise frequently but your article will certainly provide the incentive for me to continue. For more information about how to remove them naturally, visit here for details.

A: I can also recommend you to go and see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor and see what he has to say about your condition. They work on balancing your entire body which would also help for your allergy and sinus infection. I hope you get to the bottom of your problem so that you can relax. Best wishes!

Q: As I’ve read this, it kinda conflict with what my doctors say… they say, it’d be OK to remove the tonsils coz it’d stop my sufferings with my reoccurring tonsils… but now, I’m close into realizing that i shouldn’t let them remove mine coz it is a counterpart of what the functions of our liver are… I’m afraid… am i gonna die or suffer much if this won’t be removed??? I’ve seen the pictures of the tonsil stones… & mine is much bigger, much spread out and i can hardly speak (*feels like something is stuck in my throat)…

A: Yes it does conflict with what many doctors say, and I don’t say that you shouldn’t trust your doctors. You could get a second opinion form a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) doctor and listen to what he has to say about your condition. I hope you find this helpful. All the best!

Q: Hello! I am so glad I discovered this article too! I have one question…How soon after an allergy or reaction to a food allergy would a tonsil stone appear? I only get them now and again. If I woke up this AM with one is that from something I ate the day before? or something I ate that week?

A: I have no good answer to give you here:). My own experience is about one day. I remember cooking a mushroom dish with lots of cream and fat served on toast bread. The day after I was out running and I suddenly coughed up two large tonsil stones.

So, for me these stones can form rather quickly. You have to be aware and see how fast the stones form for you :)

Here are some details and tips on how to remove tonsil stones at