Cough: Causes & How to Treat

Cough is one of the respiratory diseases are common symptoms.

Of foreign substances or inside the bronchial airways secretions, blood, phlegm, pathological agents such as occurs in the form of a reflex to throw out. Closing of the throat, providing a breath of granting the severe contraction of the vocal cords occurs. Sudden contraction of the muscles of the chest, this is accompanied by abdominal muscles. Forces increase the pressure in the throat and windpipe opening vibration of the vocal cords forced gırtlaktaki leads to the typical cough sound. Coughing is a reflex developed stimulation of any part of the respiratory tract.

For example, the lung air sacs stimulated human cough wall. Dry cough primarily the larynx, trachea and bronchi caused by a part of.

Pneumonia is a lung disease, such as cough, sputum reach a visible bronchi. Membrane lung diseases such plore-zideyse a persistent cough. Cough, respiratory tract disease, even without a real hysteria and mental tension may be due to the head.

Dry cough:

Coughing occurs when the sound vibration of the vocal cords only. Patients do not produce sputum. This type of cough usually occurs in the following cases:

  • a) The mucus-forming the larynx, trachea and bronchial inflammation;
  • b) suspicion of lung diseases, such as pleurisy.

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A kind of cut in the initial phase of TB cough.

Mucus Cough:

Not similar as dry cough, the resulting sound, stretching the vocal cords during the respiratory particles of sputum is also added to the sounds of movement. Even though there are always different amounts of sputum, but the patient with small children, the elderly and so on. In such cases, to be taken out by coughing, swallowing goes to the stomach. There are two major types, including dry and productive cough. But these different olarakta cough may occur.

If the seizure cough:

Unlike a cut deep and noisy breath, severe cough sets in if we in a row. Typically seen in whooping cough, bronchial mucosa damaged in the circumstances, but he escaped, or foreign bodies in the respiratory tract may occur.

Bark like cough:

Dry the patient’s voice the same volume level. Laryngitis, diphtheria, and so on. inflammation of the vocal cords due to diseases, especially in young children is an acute inflammation of the larynx-trachea-bronchial.

Two-toned cough:

Combination of two different shades of sound occurs. One of the sounds at the level of the vocal cords, throat, the other more below, consists of trachea and bronchi.

Dry, hoarse cough:

Not a loud cough, but very uncomfortable. Tumor in the throat or vocal cords, such as tuberculosis, severe lezyonlarmda seen. As explained earlier, there are two major types, including cough, dry and productive. But also some particular forms of cough can also occur in them.

Cough How is it treated?

Should be directed to the treatment of cough illness is connected. Dry cough, such as air pollution or cigarette causes irritation mostly cut off time is eliminated. Cough with a nice ventilation and air nemlendirilmesiyle greatly reduced.

Infection-stricken, this cough should be treated with antibiotics. Coughs caused by infections, germs accumulate in the lungs, unlike kesilmeyip supported.